This is a paper cutout. This is a sample of my artwork.

If you are selected to be published, one of the options is to have one of my paper cutouts as a cover, or you can submit your own artwork or photograph.

Willet Press is a poetry chapbook publisher.

We have two ways for a poet to get published. 

One is to enter the poetry chapbook contest. This is once a year.

The other is to submit directly in an open reading and not participate in the contest. This is on-going. 

This is what I'd like to see in a manuscript. 

1) Follow the rules for either submission given in following pages.

2) I am interested in images in poetry. This does not mean totally surreal poems.

3) I like theme-related poems. Since a chapbook has limited pages, I like to see the poems connected by a theme.

4) Please don't take it personally if you aren't accepted. Decisions will be made using the limits I just set. 

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